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The Urban

This is a knowledgeable person with a well-established and confident taste. You might know them as townies, hipsters, students, cultivated or independent. For them, fashion is an important statement of character. There should be a feel of quality and individuality to the shops they would like to spend time and money in, and an emotional and value-based connection to the brand.


The shop

The Urban concept is one full of character and personality. The shop is not only a place to buy but also a place to socialise, that is why the lounge area is one of the most important areas in this shop. An accentuated lighting, spotlights with barndoors and quite a dark interior create a good base for an artistic feeling.


Neo LED Profile

Creating feelings and experiences are important to achieve an attractive retail environment. Individuality and artistic design becomes increasingly common in retail areas especially. Neo LED Profile is a profile spotlight with a zoom lens system and the ability to project gobo patterns. There is a wide range of gobos to chose from.

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Fagerhult O.D.D

Sometimes you want to make a unique statement, to break from the mould and everything that is standard. To set your imagination free. That is what Fagerhult O.D.D™ (On Demand Design) is all about.

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Lookbook in pdf

Read the Lookbook coffe table book.

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