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The Fashionable

The Fashionable is a person who knows what they want, and want the best and the latest. They are prepared to pay for the right fashion items, and it really has to be right. Following the latest trends in magazines and blogs is crucial. Perhaps they are bloggers themselves. They want their outfit to make a statement and are aware what statement different brands make.


The shop

A soft and dynamic light with cylindrical spotlights with a clean design creates a trendy yet sophisticated concept. The walls are illuminated with a narrow beam spotlight to create attention, as does the soft pink colour of the walls. Details in brass like shelves and banister add to the fashionable feeling.


Touch spotlight

The spotlight Touch, with an integrated driver, was chosen because of its clean cylindrical design. This results in a track and ceiling without the disorder of drivers aimed in different directions. Also, Touch has a variety of lumen packages and colours and a great colour rendering. The perfect solution for the perfectionistic fashionista.

Illuminate with style

One idea – many expressions

By combing different sizes, light outputs, colours and shades, the pendant Dino offers almost full freedom to get the light and expression you strive for, no matter what kind of project you are working on. Flexibility as its best!

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The chosen luminaires to the fashionable look.


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