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The Conscious

A Conscious person is someone that cares. Cares about the environment, quality and the origin of their fashion garments. They care about the way they were created and produced, and what effect they have on our environment. They don’t mind paying for quality and want to make a subtle visual statement with their outfit. The value-based statement is however more important.


The shop

The changing room is where choices and decisions around a purchase are made and therefore one of the most important areas of a shop. In a shop that focuses on genuine quality of their products a high quality lighting is crucial for the customer to be able to grasp the quality of the fabrics. The natural feeling is achieved with soft and even lighting and an interior in fair and natural colours.


Save energy

There is possibility to control the lighting with the purpose of saving energy but more importantly to have a choice in achieving the light level of your personal taste. Having a low light level when entering makes it comfortable to try on clothes.

The lighting has the ability to increase the light level as you try on clothes. This will also save energy.  A dimmed LED-module also has a longer life.

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It is Crystal Clear

In our environmental initiative Crystal Clear we highlight the importance of thinking sustainably when creating future proofed lighting solutions. When you work with Fagerhult, you can rest assured that your lighting will be economical, as well as kind to the environment and human health, while at the same time stimulating creativity and promoting well-being.

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