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The Adventurous

Active and daring pushing your limits to a maximum seems to be the new life style trend. The couch-potatoes are gone and the adventurous and active people have taken over. Not unwilling to pay for the right gear to achieve an outstanding performance in one of their many races during the year. Also, an active outdoorsy lifestyle enables the whole family to participate.


The shop

This retailer has created a concept that strives to inspire the customer and create feelings. With light, sound and scent design the true environment of the different bicycles are reinforced. Choice of material in the different bicycle boxes, a bark trail for the mountain bike, grass for the downhill bike and asphalt for the race bike also adds to a genuine feeling. To further strengthen the brand and experience a movie will be projected as a back-drop to the different bicycles, clarifying their natural environment.



Razin is a wallwasher with lens technology. It can illuminate large surfaces, such as high and wide display walls. It gives a good and even light on the entire wall and can also be used to illuminate the back-drop of a shop window.

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