How it works

Organic Response

Plug and Play

Organic Respons sensors are integrated into the luminaires and start sending and receiving signals as soon as the system is connected to power.


Optimised system

Everything you need to further optimise your system can be found in the app. For example, you can adjust the output and light levels and calibrate daylight control. These settings can be easily transferred to the other luminaires in the installation.

There are numerous possibilities. You can divide luminaires into different zones to customise the lighting according to different needs and program pre-defined or custom scenarios to different applications. All settings can be easily altered in-house at a later date if the needs or use of the space changes.

Connected system

Connecting Organic Respons to our web-based Portal enables you access the latest technology within integrated lighting control systems. A gateway and simple configuration with the app offer a comprehensive analysis tool that allows you to optimise your energy consumption with ease. When you purchase our portal service you can take advantage of real-time updates and appraise and access the performance of your lighting installation. 

The portal offers a range of opportunities for simplifying and improving the efficiency of the lighting in your premises. Everything from automatic testing and reporting of emergency lighting monitoring to a centralised error reporting of the luminaires in all your properties. Imagine getting an error message about a specific luminaire in a particular building, with all the information gathered in one place. Through our service, your building can also receive a higher classification of environmental certification, as you can easily improve the efficiency of energy use in your premises. 

This solution is future proof and can be integrated with other systems in the building. In addition, with regular improvements to the Organic Respons Portal our service is continuously developing to meet our customers' needs and wishes. 



Premises are renovated and refurbished with workplaces/classrooms often changing in line with the needs. Organic Respons makes sure that you get the most out of your investment thanks to LED luminaires with a service life of around 20 years. If you set up partitions or change the floor plan, the system automatically reconfigures its presence detection. Further optimisations can be performed using the app.

Whether you choose a suspended or recessed lighting solution, Organic Respons is available in both variants and you can mix and match luminaire types within the same space.

External sensors for full coverage

In areas such as corridors, an external Organic Respons sensor is a perfect solution for optimising the entire workplace. The sensor is compatible with all DALI luminaires – recessed, surface-mounted or downlights – and is suitable for spaces that do not allow an integrated solution. All functions are in the same sensor regardless of whether it is integrated into the luminaire, externally recessed or surface-mounted.

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