e-Sense Tune

e-Sense Tune


Personalised lighting for activities and improved sense of well-being

e-Sense Tune is a quickly installed lighting control system that is easy to control and expand. It works with all applications in which users are permitted to individually control the light. e-Sense Tune is designed for individual offices, conference rooms and activity areas.

e-Sense Tune comes with preset scenes and features for energy savings or daylight simulation. Additionally, the user has the option to create two personal lighting scenes.

e-Sense Tune

Wireless control for personalised lighting

Plug and play

Easily installed and easy to expand

The system is wirelessly controlled via Bluetooth Low Energy with a smartphone or tablet. Once you have made your settings, the system will automatically identify you when you enter the room and adjust to your personal preferences. Users outside the room can not influence the system. Presence without a device provides general lighting for cleaning services or similar activities.

Personal light with Tunable White

"We have become accustomed to adjust settings of most of the things we use. Now we have the possibility to create the light we thrive in, or feels best right now. Set the light according to your own preferences or what you are doing right now. You decide!"

How e-Sense Tune works

Using e-Sense Tune, you can adjust the light to your personal preferences. e-Sense Tune has four preset scenarios which provides light that imitates daylight, gives you energy and boosts your well-being. Learn more about how e-Sense Tune works here. 


Easily create sustainable and energy-efficient spaces 
using lighting control