e-Sense Stage

How it works

e-Sense Stage is based on Casambi technology. The different components can be programmed and controlled using a user-friendly app from Casambi. The solution is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which is the only low-power wireless technology. It is a fully developed and future-proof radio technology used in all smartphones, tablets and smart watches.

The technology can be integrated into luminaires, LED drivers as well as in LED light sources, providing the best possible solution in terms of effortless installation and functionality.

e-Sense Stage and Casambi establishes a mesh network where all intelligence in the system is recreated in each node. The system still works should an individual luminaire fail.

Maximum possible use

You can choose yourself how you wish to use e-Sense Stage. Program and choose lighting scenes via the app, or select your predetermined scenes using the push buttons, EnOcean, or Xpress Switch. The switches are wireless, which allows you to place them anywhere you like, or carry them with you. They control the most essential functions.

Programming in the app is straightforward and intuitive. You, or your team, can decide the lighting of one or more luminaires, manually or automatically timed, by following the steps set out in our manual. The network is created automatically when you add luminaires to your app. The network can be password protected and can be shared with those who will plan or control your lighting.

Boxes for easy control

Choosing our e-Sense Stage control boxes allows you to create completely new possibilities compared to the traditional Casambi control of luminaires. One box controls the lighting on a whole track, or luminaires interconnected with a DALI cable. This simplifies programming and management as you can easily control groups of luminaires instead of individual units, nor do you need to individually address each luminaire. The boxes come with a number of different features and properties, depending on your specific needs. For example, they are available as track-mounted, stand alone, visible or hidden, black or white – whatever your requirement.

Scenes and gallery

The app allows you to create lighting situations, or scenes, for different occasions. It is possible to control several luminaires with a single scene to create the perfect atmosphere in a room, to suit different senarios and occasions. It is also possible to use a luminaire in several different scenes. The features found in e-Sense Stage include switching on/off, dimmer, tunable white, RGB/W and relay control, depending on the technical options available in your luminaire.

With the gallery feature you can take a photo of your own environment, load the image into the app, and program your lighting directly based on the design of your premises. e-Sense Stage – Casambi made easy!