e-Sense Move

e-Sense Move


Light only when and where needed

The lighting control system e-Sense Move has been primarily developed for stairwells and garages, and is based on microwave technology. Several luminaires communicate wirelessly with one another. e-Sense Move requires no control cables.

Remote control

e-Sense Move 

Duplex light control


Individually programmed for optimum utilisation

e-Sense Move is a duplex system, which means that all luminaires serve as both masters and slaves depending on which luminaire detects presence. When presence is detected, a light activation signal is sent to one or more luminaires. Each sensor can actively monitor 15 other sensors.

Bodegraven City Hall, The Netherlands

"Lighting control in stairwells offer huge potential for reducing energy consumption in a building without additional wiring. Discovery Evo with e-Sense Move was the perfect solution for the stairs."

How e-Sense Move works

The luminaire can be set so that it only turns on lighting on the floors above and below the floor where motion is detected, which saves energy. Read more about how e-Sense Move works here. 

Easily create sustainable and energy-efficient
spaces using lighting control