e-Sense Connect


Quick and easy installation

e-Sense Connect is the perfect solution for environments where good lighting is absolutely necessary, such as classrooms, lecture halls and open-plan offices. The control system is easy to install and maintain. The luminaires are connected to the mains voltage and therefore require neither control cables nor modifications to the building.


e-Sense Connect

Intelligent wireless light control

e-Sense Connect skola

Complete system for classrooms

e-Sense Connect is wireless and all luminaires – both those with and without sensors – are equipped with an RF unit for communications with the control unit. Because everything is integrated into the luminaires, no external sensors are needed for presence and daylight control. Everything having to do with installation is gathered in one and the same room. No external control units are required in distribution boxes or at other locations in a building.

Lighting that stimulates learning

A classroom is a workplace filled with activity and movement. Here it is important to have good lighting that provides alert students.

How e-Sense Connect works

Communication in a system takes place between the luminaires RF unit and the control unit. The remote control is used as a temporary tool for programming the system. With a few basic features, you can create a highly energy efficient solution with optimal lighting comfort for the user. Read more about how e-Sense Connect works here.


Easily create sustainable and energy-efficient spaces 
using lighting control