Connected Solution

This is a cloud- and web-based solution that allows you to remotely control and monitor the lighting via a gateway that is in contact with the installation. Connected Solution provides the same operational benefits but with remote access via a secure cloud-based server where you can check energy consumption and various measurement values through a password-protected website.

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Benefits of Connected Solution

Connected Solution also provides the capability for a calendar function where, for example, you can enable astronomical functionality so that the system turns on at sunset and off at sunrise.

You can also set different light levels for different times of the day. The solution does everything that Linked Solution can, plus the capability to log into a website and check energy consumption and various measured values such as the occupancy detection level, as well as receive a notification when a luminaire is defective and needs to be repaired. All information is retrieved from the cloud.

Additional benefits

  • Increased operational efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

  • You can dispatch technicians to where they are needed, when they are needed.

  • Measured energy per luminaire for better energy reporting.

  • Traffic intensity measurement by counting the number of passive infrared (PIR) sensor triggerings.

  • The lighting installation's sustainability, quality and dependability are all increased with good monitoring.

  • Flexible accessibility with a user-friendly, web-based software platform.


With the dashboard, users are provided with easy monitoring and the capability for smooth control and for viewing operational information. The dashboard includes, among other things, a map overview of the plant, settings options for each luminaire and statistics for either all or individual luminaires.

Citygrid Dashboard is a service available for Connected Solution and accessed via a web browser at



Through LMS (Light Management System), settings can be adjusted and connected solutions remotely controlled. For example, you can activate astronomical functionality for switching plant lighting on and off with the rising and setting of the sun.

Is energy saving an important factor? In LMS, you can adjust light levels based on predetermined times or let the system manage light levels based on occupancy and absence detection.