Open-plan offices

Working individually and in groups

An open-plan office demands flexible workplaces, where people should feel comfortable and be able to work together. The goal is for staff to enjoy their work and have the right conditions to perform regardless of task, age or location in the room.

An open-plan office varies greatly depending on the activities conducted there. Often there are rows or sections of workplaces, which can be either personal or completely free for use by anyone when necessary. Other open-plan offices may also have other areas, perhaps smaller seating areas, high tables or hubs. The different zones in the room meet different needs, such as for smaller meetings, informal breaks or concentrated work.

Dynamics of open-plan offices 

In open-plan offices there are various alternatives when it comes to the lighting solution, and it is the needs of staff and the organisation that determine what these may be. However, regardless of the choice of luminaires, the light level for workspaces must be at least 500 lx. Lighting outside of the working area must be adapted to the conditions that apply within the working area. 

We recommend a suspended lighting solution over the surfaces used as workplaces. Suspended luminaires with a direct/indirect lighting provide a glare-free and comfortable working environment for the individual, and improve conditions for concentration and focus.

1. Suspended solution with direct/indirect light that creates well-composed ambient lighting.

We can also offer solutions that mimic the natural dynamics of outdoor light. By combining a spotlight with a suspended luminaire, the lighting solution gives more variety to an otherwise rather static environment. Together, different light temperatures produce shifts that mimic the sky, and contribute to increasing the perceived well-being at the workplace. Textures, shadows and contrasts appear more clearly, creating a clearer spatial effect. 

2. Solution with combined spotlight and suspended luminaires where textures, shadows and contrasts are clearly apparent.

Ambient lighting enhances the daylight feel 

In an open-plan office, not everyone can sit at a window. To give people a sense of daylight and space, we therefore recommend well-composed ambient lighting. Studies show that this increases the well-being of those in the room. This can be achieved with spotlights or wallwashers with 200–300 lx along the walls. Luminaires with direct/indirect lighting also provide a well-illuminated ceiling that contributes to the right ratio between luminaire and ceiling. Ambient lighting contributes to stimulating awareness and well-being, and is one way of accentuating the feeling of space in an open-plan office. 

Adjust to your preferences 

With suspended luminaires, it is easy to adjust the lighting at each location, using luminaire controls. Fagerhult's office solutions are all available with built-in sensors from Organic Response, which can be easily adjusted with, for example, an app.  


Lighting control proposals

Organic Response is a wireless plug-and-play system developed for workplaces and is a sustainable solution for energy-efficient buildings.