Our view of Human Centric Lightning

Our business is based on providing lighting products that make people’s lives easier both at work and at home.

The view of our founder, Bertil Svensson, was that light could be used as a tool by humans in their daily life. His career as an electrician and entrepreneur began when he invented a lamp for his mother as a Christmas present, so that she could see and do her crochet whenever she wished during the winter months. “The right light at the right place” was Bertil’s motto, and he was adamant that light could be used to the benefit of people.

We would like to add to that motto: “The right light at the right place – at the right time”. We know that adapting light levels and colour temperatures according to daylight and our circadian rhythm makes a huge difference to the wellbeing of those who spend a large proportion of their working day indoors.

Ambient lighting

When we are outside, we take in light from the horizon and from above, with the sky reflecting light from all directions. It’s a lot of light distributed over a large area, providing good conditions for our retinas to absorb the light. Fagerhult has been developing solutions with combinations of direct and indirect light for a long time. Indirect light is reflected by, for example, walls and ceilings similarly to the sky, making us more alert. By using an increased amount of ambient lighting in planning, we create healthier light environments.

Visual comfort

Something we will never compromise on is the visual comfort provided by our luminaires. We continuously develop new lighting with a focus on people. The objective is to produce a visually comforting environment with our luminaires, both for our customers and for theirs. We do this by minimising or, preferably, by eliminating glare from the lights. Glare is the discomfort that arises when we are exposed to light levels higher than those to which our eyes have evolved. We want our luminaires to be perceived as comfortable as well as appropriate in their surroundings. Light brightness places high demands on distribution and shielding. The elderly are more sensitive to glare, which is why it is important to take light comfort seriously and to be knowledgeable of the environments to be illuminated.

Fagerhult develops new lighting as new technology is developed. We always do this with a focus on people and the environment. All development is based on established knowledge and well-documented research.