The effect of ambient light on learning

If people are more alert and perform better in good ambient light at work – what might this mean for schools?

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The effect of ambient light on alertness, well-being and performance

The study investigated how people are affected by working in a room with three different levels of ambient light and colour temperatures.

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What is the optimal worklight?

The aim in this study was to determine what light distribution the people participating in the study preferred.

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Higher levels of ambient lighting = better study results

New research has shown that good lighting actually increases job satisfaction in learning environments.

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Ambient light – like heaven inside

The message from the research is clear; if you light your premises in the right way, you achieve a working environment in which people feel at ease and think better.

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Can good lighting compensate for low daylight levels?

Together with researchers at Lund University, Fagerhult has clarified the relationship between light, alertness, wellbeing and performance.

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Can the right lighting shorten hospitalisation?

It was one of the questions at the forefront of a study at Södra Älvsborgs Hospital in Borås. Can variations in the colour and intensity of light help intensive care patients to find their way back to their circadian rhythm?

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