LED outdoor

Generally speaking, LED technology is ideal for outdoor lighting. A well-designed a LED luminaire is well equipped to cope with all the stresses the outdoor environment offers.

Durable technology

LED technology is energy efficient and provides a large amount of light relative to the energy consumed. The effects on the environment in terms of reduced energy consumption is considerable, especially in cases where the electricity comes from sources that are not environmentally optimised. As the technology evolves the luminous efficacy of LED's continues to increase dramatically. 

An LED module has a life time that far exceeds traditional light sources. This results in reduced material consumption and less stress on the recycling system. Unlike traditional light bulbs, LEDs contain no mercury, which is positive from both environmental and recycling standpoint. 

Another advantage of LED lighting in outdoor environments is that cold temperatures actually have a positive effect on the diodes, enhancing light flow and life span. This, when compared with a light source with an aluminium housing , offers an extremely durable, reliable, maintenance-free luminaires that require a minimal amount of electricity in relation to the amount of light they generate.

 A LED luminaire is practically maintenance-free throughout its lifetime. Not having to change light source saves both time and money