Oslo : Norway


Exclusive jewellery shop

The jewellery shop Langaard in central Oslo has a lighting solution that really complements the exclusive brand.


Conrad Langaard is the owner of a exclusive jewellery store in Oslo, Norway. He contacted Fagerhult as he was about to renovate his jewellery shop to one of world class.


The recessed luminaire Noc* is placed along the walls and over the cashier desk to create a soft base for the concept, the light from Noc also functions as the general light.

A blue colour filter is used over the desk to accentuate the jewellery.

The jewellery boxes are visible from both outside and inside, these are illuminated with Diva II LED lists with 4000 K. They are mounted inside, on the side and the top, of all boxes.

To front the products Relay Spot* with 3000 K is used. This gives a good mix between warm and cold light. Every middle spotlight on Relay has a blue colour filter.

*Noc and Relay Spot G2 are no longer in production.

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