Manchester : United Kingdom


An ultra-efficient LED solution

Joy is a unique fashion and lifestyle brand. Quiet eccentricity and a distinct Brit influence characterises every aspect of their brand from their bespoke store interiors through to its lovingly curated collections. Their new store in Manchester was lit with LED for an ultra-efficient solution which reaffirmed their brand identity.


When planning their new 3,702 sq ft store in Manchester the designers, Block1: Design, considered three options for the lighting. The first was to use the legacy fixtures left from the previous tenants, the second was to retro-fit these with LED while the final option was a brand-new LED scheme.

The Fagerhult Retail design team, worked closely with Block1: Design to appraise both the light levels and energy consumption of each option, using the Life Cycle Cost Calculator, which has been independently certified by the sustainability consultants Planet First in regards to the accuracy of the output.


The designers opted for the scheme using luminaires exclusively developed for the LED light source, as this approach permitted a greater level of light variation, necessitated by the wide and varied product stack being displayed.

Mix and match

Track mounted Zone Evo’s provided the light on the shop floor, supplied with matching white track to blend into the ceiling. By using a combination of medium and wide beam angles the store has a more dynamically lit environment, helping to showcase the different products in the best possible way. By using track mounted fixtures, the designers managed to minimise the installation costs while offering the flexibility to easily re-commission the lighting should the layout or merchandise change in the future.

A touch of glamour

The all-important fitting rooms are a distinct area of the store, with a glamorously designed interior. Pleiad G3 downlights provide an even glare-free light on the walkway, while 4 Pleiad Power Fixed* luminaires provide the discreet lighting in the changing rooms themselves.

Energy savings

In an energy comparison of Joy’s new LED solution, they can enjoy a saving of 52 % without compromising on the required in-store lit experience.

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