Supermarket chain supplier

One supermarket chain that we have continuously worked with for several years is the Swedish chain ICA.


Decreasing energy to specific levels (12-13 W/m²) has always been a central goal at ICA – as well as the business interest that lies in cutting energy cost.

For that reason we have been engaged in several energy efficiency projects where we have managed to create energy savings up to 50 % by doing inventories, measurements, systematic LCCs, replacing old T8 fluorescents to T5 and planning the lighting design thoroughly.

Mostly our lighting installations have a pay-off time of three years and despite of saving energy the shops turn out much more inviting and enhances the groceries in a better way. Generally we manage to decrease energy levels to 12 W/m², which is in line with the central energy requirements.


ICA in Hindås and ICA Maxi in Haninge are two examples where successful lighting installations have been implemented by Fagerhult.

In ICA Hindås a complete lighting upgrade was installed. By using iTrack, iTrack Dupio and accentuating Zone Points the light was not only more commercial and welcoming - the energy bill was decreased by approximately € 460 a month (saving 7000-9000 kWh/month), and this in spite of supplementing the cooling with another compressor enhancing it by 50 %.

Furthermore, the customers described the atmosphere and experience of the shop to be light, fresh and easy to navigate, a fact the shop owner was  extremely satisfied with. The combination of spotlights and fluorescents was also much appreciated – as well as the flexibility of the lighting installation where the staff could rearrange the luminaires when moving interior and merchandise. Also iTrack Dupio, with its adjustable reflectors made it possible to aim the general light towards both the groceries and graphic signs.

With its impressive 10, 000 square metres ICA Maxi in Haninge is Sweden’s largest ICA shop, a shop where we also had the benefit of being the main lighting supplier. Thanks to Fagerhult O.D.D™ we could provide suitable products for this particular shop and its premises. First we created a suspended arm with fix points where Marathon spotlights could be installed – despite of the high ceiling.

We also created a special bracket that could be mounted directly on our standard product Dupio. This initiative made it possible to fit and attach Dupio on to the function ceiling that was used. Instead of developing a new version of the luminaire we solved the problem with a mounting accessory – by doing so we could provide a solution in a swifter and time efficient way.

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