Viimsi : Estonia


Eco, health and wellness in focus

Biomarket in Viimsi, has 200 square metres with one of the largest assortments of eco, health and wellness products in Estonia. Fagerhult has delivered a lighting solution with high efficiency with focus on illuminating the merchandises properly.


Biomarket were looking for a professional lighting solution for their new store in Viimsi. With the right lighting they wanted to increase the feeling of the eco conscious brand. When illuminating a food store it is important to give sufficient light on all shelves, tables and products and not leave any spots in the dark.


Fagerhult presented a solution with track mounted Zone Evo with an efficiency of 15 W/m2. In future stores even lower numbers as 13,5 W/m2 could be reach with Zone Evo G2.

Biomarket received a dynamic track solution with less light on the floor so that the eye is drawn to the signs and products. By choosing LED luminaires the store have at least 50 000 maintenance-free hours and the store's eco consciousness is reflected also in the store’s lighting solution.

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