Recessed lighting reinvented


When your ideas become reality

Dwide is an idea of a light with its own aspect, a light that speaks with its own voice, its own dialect. Dwide is about creating something different in an increasingly modularised world with luminaires recessed in suspended ceilings. If you wish to create a project where you are sure that your proposal will pass through all levels, then Dwide is the product to choose.

Dwide light distribution illustration

Recessed light with its own aspect

In a world where many of the lighting solutions we see are becoming increasingly similar, Dwide offers a completely different concept where the luminaire gives the room a clear direction and an exciting, more dynamic aspect. Focus has been concentrated on lighting comfort and efficiency in all stages and from all aspects.


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Dwide’s light treatment where the combination of the micro prismatic diffuser and acrylic reflector interact, creating perfect lighting for today's workplaces, where the focus is on communication and feeling for the room.



Dwide in a classroom

Unique among recessed luminaires

The double action optical configuration consists of a micro prismatic diffuser to control the light and to minimise glare plus an external light distributor in PMMA to distribute and spread the light in the reflector. The result is a glare free direct light and a wide ambient light in the secondary reflector.