Invest in high productivity and quick pay off

Switching to LED lighting can be an  investment in your energy reduction and productivity. The new InduLED is a real light machine with superior efficiency and service life further optimised by a simplistic installation process, helping to reduce time and cost of putting the fixtures in place.

InduLED is a complete luminaire family that meets the industry’s needs in terms of versatility and flexibility. The luminaire is available with three different light distributions; narrow beam for high bay storage and industries with high ceilings, medium beam for typical workshop environments and wide beam for rooms with a lower ceiling height. The latter model is also an excellent choice for convenience goods and specialised trade outlets with high requirements on energy efficiency and light quality.


Installed in half the time

InduLED can be installed in half the time it takes traditional industrial luminaires. So you can start to recoup the investment even at this stage! InduLED has been equipped with a pivot function; open the luminaire by pressing on the inner end caps, insert the cable, connect the terminal block and close again. Finished! The cable suspension is integrated for systematic wire installation. InduLED is IP 23 classified and is also available in a snap-in connection model. 

Works in three-shifts

With a service life of 100,000 hours, you get a reliable, maintenance-free light for many years. You never need to waste time or energy replacing the light source, once the luminaires are installed, you can confidently leave them up to their own devices.


Energy savings with InduLED

We are setting a new standard for industrial luminaires with InduLED. The luminaire’s light output ratio is a brilliant 145 lm/W which provides superior energy efficiency. Our calculations shows that a sample installation of InduLED saves up to 103 kWh each day, compared with a traditional industrial luminaire (T8). The secret? An advanced construction with effective side reflectors that disperse the light from the luminaire opening without compromising on comfort.

You can count on it!

What’s installed in your space? T8 or T5? Whichever you have, you can quickly see a return on your investment when switching to InduLED. For example, if you replace an existing T8 installation, you can save up to 51% of the energy and recoup the cost of replacement in 5.4 years!

With InduLED you are making a sustainable choice which will have positive effects for your company for a long time to come. High energy efficiency, quick installation, long service life and minimum maintenance provide benefits for your financial and environmental accounts.