Rooms where you see and are seen

Communication areas are not only corridors, it may as well be a streak through the office.

Lighting can help to clarify various functions of the room and contribute towards the structure of an open office. A more efficient use of communication areas – for example paper management or storage spaces – places increased demands on the lighting. Recessed Multilume Dropped provides an effective and comfortable light; some of the light reaches the ceiling which contributes to the sense of space. Downlights positioned along the ceiling edge creates variation within the lit environment.


A corridor consistent a long glass partition with meeting rooms and offices. The lighting in this area must not dazzle those working inside of the rooms, yet still provide an optimal journey through the space. Since we can only work with the ceiling and the wall opposite, we have opted for a corner-mounted luminaire that provides attractive incident light in the ceiling and on the wall. The art on the walls is accentuated with recessed spotlights (Easy LED). By focusing on both the ceiling and the walls it brings life to a space which may have been perceived as gloomy and boring.