Operating theatre

The sole purpose of an operating theatre is to perform various surgical procedures. The design of operating theatres has changed with technology. The lighting is designed to create a good working light and to facilitate the visual tasks of the staff. Through RGBW solutions we create visually safe operating theatres tailored for modern health care where different moments and situations get the light that is best suited for that situation. All controlled via a simple and intuitive choice on a screen.

When taken into the theatre the patient there is a calm light setting as the whole situation istressful to those who are there waiting for the surgery. With a relatively low level of warm light on the walls of the room, we create the conditions for the patient to feel calm while providing sufficient light for the staff to make the preparations for the operation. 


For keyhole surgery, we use coloured light on the walls to create the best possible light. At the same time, we illuminate the patient's face with 4000 K/CRI 90 to create the conditions for the anaesthetic team to see the patient's face and skin colour. 

The green light used on the walls behind the screens consists of non-monochromatic green light to create a good contrast against the screen and increases visibility. Incorporating more wavelengths gives a lower colour saturation and provides better visual comfort. It also reduce the risk of metamerism or afterimages, i.e. the image is perceived as remaining on the retina. 

The orange light is used as a transition between the green walls and other areas with white light. The orange fields reduce the risk of metamerism when the eye moves from the screen with the green backlight to other areas in the room. The eye’s sensitivity to orange is about 50 % higher than for pure red light. 


For open surgery, we illuminate the room with lighting that creates 1000 lux in the room. 

The light is 4000 K with CRI 90 which creates the conditions to see colours and skin tones in a natural way. The light on the walls is of of the same good quality to further increase the brightness of the room and to create a good ambient light.