Entrances and reception areas

A welcoming and well-lit entrance is the first thing that we meet as visitors. The light helps us orientate and find our way, and helps put us at ease. The entrance is the first thing that patients, visitors and staff see and it is important that this is perceived as modern and attractive. Hospital entrances are often designed as a square that offers staff and visitors the service that they would like. There must also be separate areas where patients and visitors can sit down.

Consider this

Light for orientation

A hospital entrance usually has a staffed service counter so that the visitor feels welcome and confident that they will find their way in the hospital. By highlighting the service counter using light, it is easy to find and feels welcoming and inviting.

Lighting can also be used to define separate areas for waiting, reflection and conversation.

Light for experience

The entrance usually has a higher ceiling, allowing the lighting designer to work with several tools to create the welcoming space that we expect. Artwork is often accentuated using light, and suspended luminaires in various clusters create their own sculptures of light for visitors to look at while they are waiting.