Calm lighting in waiting rooms

Whether we’re waiting as a patient or relative, the waiting room’s design and lighting is important for enhancing the sense of security and reducing frustration. It is important that the first impression is positive and reassuring and that the visitor feels safe and well looked after. The waiting area design – its light, furniture and colours – affects us. Furniture can be grouped to create islands to give a little privacy for those who want this.

Suspended Appareo Circle provides a balanced combination of direct and indirect light. Recessed Pleiad Wallwasher enhances vertical light and accentuates the photo wall.


Recessed Pozzo acts as a light well or skylight the ceiling, helping to create a feel of natural light where there maybe limits on the real thing. Recessed Pleiad Wallwasher offer more vertical light and accentuate the photo wall.


Consider this

A light and glare-free environment

Daylight makes us feel more at ease. During the day’s darker hours, a well-balanced combination of direct and indirect lighting contributes to a light and glare-free environment. Glare-free vertical light against the walls is also important in the waiting room for increasing the eye’s light intake.

Architecture close to nature

Research shows that nature and greenery have a positive impact on stress and increase well-being. Architecture close to nature or interior fittings with images of nature or plants can contribute to a more harmonious space. The lighting control consists of time and presence control supplemented with daylight control.