Light for recreation

A staff room is the staff’s personal relaxation bubble, a place for unwinding and chatting. The room therefore needs lighting with both direct and indirect light. If the ceiling and walls are illuminated, it will be easier for the eye to take in a greater amount of light and help staff to stay fresh and alert even at night. A high proportion of Indirect light visually makes the room more spacious, accentuates details making it conducive for colleagues to talk and relax.

Suspended Sweep and Scoot with direct/indirect light above the tables gives a more intimate feel without sacrificing the room’s brightness and ambient light. Indirect light contributes to the room being perceived as bright, and the direct light illuminates the tables. This solution creates a pleasant environment with comfortable differences between light and shadow.


Recessed Pozzo luminaires give the impression of light wells, which in turn give a sense of daylight coming in from the ceiling. With this in mind, it also makes sense to be able to simulate the daylight desired, regardless of the time of day, using colour temperature control. The solution also provides a certain proportion of the important vertical light on the walls. 


Consider this

Illuminating the walls

We experience the world vertically, and even though it is tempting to have soft lighting with only suspended luminaires over tables, it is the brightness of the walls that makes the room feel light and welcoming.

Colour temperature control

Staff should be able to control both intensity and colour temperature. Partly to be able to get a light boost at night to stay alert, and partly to able to achieve a relaxing light after a work session. The light is controlled using a simple control panel, allowing the person taking a break to control the light.

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