The power of data

How an invisible ecosystem can create visible change

  • Séminaire en ligne
  • 28 mai 2021
  • 08:00

In a data driven society, collection and utilization of information is an important development factor for future buildings. Smart and connected buildings will soon be standard, and the workplace is no exception.

In tomorrow’s workplace, modern technology will facilitate more of the meta-work - activities that drain time and energy without adding any value – so that employees can focus on the things that count. Technologies from Fagerhult and Sony open up new opportunities in the era of Datafication. By combining our smart solutions, we can further improve the office environment and support companies as they adapt to new ways of working.

Smart building technologies can facilitate and control everything from wayfinding to room booking, lighting, ventilation and even space planning. Our open system is ready to leverage the potential of data. Are you?

Vos hôtes

Lars-Gunnar Lundgren

Head of Nimway - Sony

Linda Von Essen

Linda is moderating the session. 

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