Solutions for modern offices

Traditionally offices were designed for two key functions; independent work at a desk or meetings in specially designed spaces. The contemporary office landscape is far more fluid, enabling spontaneous meetings, cooperation and to promote movement and change through effective space planning, furnishing and lighting.  

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Gestion d’éclairage au bureau

Tout comme le bureau est polyvalent, l’éclairage doit aussi être flexible. Avec un système de commande correct, vous pouvez créer un éclairage évolutif au service de la vie professionnelle moderne, incluant les processus de travail et les employés. Le système de commande sélectionné dépend de vos objectifs.

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La lumière dans les bureaux basés sur les activités

Les bureaux basés sur l’activité impliquent de nouvelles exigences en termes de planification de l’éclairage. Les changements constants de l'utilisation de la surface dans les bureaux modernes requièrent un éclairage plus efficace et sans éblouissement. Un éclairage qui garantit que les employés puissent assurer l’exécution de leurs tâches et qu’ils se sentent bien.

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Reference cases

e-Sense Tune

A personal light in your pocket! e-Sense Tune is a new smart lighting control solution primarily intended for individual offices, based on tunable white with daylight, presence and manual control. You control and set your personal scenes via your smartphone.

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e-Sense Organic

e-Sense Organic is a new and simple way of installing light control for open-plan offices with presence and daylight control. You do not even have to program it to get started! Wireless communication between the luminaires makes installation easy and if you want more than the plug-and-play options, you can customise your solution via a smartphone app.

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Ambient light – like heaven inside

The message from the research is clear; if you light your premises in the right way, you achieve a working environment in which people feel at ease and think better.

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