Metal halogen lamps

Metal halogen lamps MT/MR/MD 35–150 W

These light sources (Mastercolour) are equipped with a ceramic arc tube, which results in a colour temperature shift of less than ±200 K. The light source’s white “sparkling” light is very similar to the 12 V halogen lamps but offers numerous benefits such as energy efficiency and long lamp life.

MT-lamps are in UV-block design. Luminaires with explosion protective glass are required for the MT light source. MR-lamps have an integrated reflector available with different distribution angles and dimensions as well as built-in protective glass.  

At the time of printing individual models and certain outputs of metal halogen lamps are available in dimmable versions. These are not presented in the catalogue.  Limitations: Metal halogen lamps cannot generally be dimmed. They have an ignition time of 2–3 minutes. Restart of hot lamps takes up to 15 minutes.