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Waterfront promenade at Svartån

Dark place became popular recreation area

When Örebro Municipality redeveloped the stretch of promenade along Svartån, the lighting became an important instrument in creating an attractive and secure environment. Vialume with night reduction provides optimal functionality while maintaining energy efficiency. Today, the waterfront promenade is a popular and busy area that attracts both joggers and those out for a daily stroll.


“This stretch of promenade extends from the centre and out along Svartån, but was not used much in the past. The main reason for this is that the area was a little neglected and lacked lighting. It was simply not a very pleasant place to be. When Örebro started the redevelopment, which has been done in several stages, a lot of importance was placed on the lighting,” explains Sune Rönnskär, project manager responsible at One Nordic.


The customer wanted energy efficient and stylish lighting and luminaires that could improve security in this location and help bring more visitors to the area.

“The architect was also clear that they didn’t want a luminaire with the standard rectangular design, but rather one with an aesthetic quality. Vialume was selected because it was believed that the luminaire met such aesthetic requirements. It has a distinct character, and the design offers a sense of timelessness. We also elected to mount the luminaire on conical posts instead of the usual tapered posts. Both the luminaire and the post are painted in the same colour. They blend together into a single unit, which creates a nice harmony.”

Good light comfort

Sune Rönnskär believes that Vialume also had several advantages from a planning perspective.

“It was possible to arrange the distances sensibly, and also achieve a good light comfort. When the LED luminaires are mounted this low, it is important to consider the risk of glare.”

This first stage involved a total of almost 60 luminaires. All luminaires are equipped with four lenses and night reduction 1. The lighting is dimmed for six hours during the night.

Increased presence

In addition, along this stretch of promenade, Örebro Municipality has also constructed an outdoor gym to increase activity and interest in the area even more. The project has been very successful, and the location is currently used in a completely different way. Joggers, parents with pushchairs and those out for a daily stroll now enjoy visiting the area frequently both during the day and in the evenings. The project has been expanded in two additional stages, and a number of restaurants and cafés have been established in the area. 


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