Fagerhult : Sweden

Fagerhult, City of Light

Practise what you preach

Being an advocate of the Activity Based Working approach, the Fagerhult Research and Development Centre’s new workspace is the embodiment of this spirit. Part of a three phase City of Light concept, this is the first step towards creating a fluid space where workstations, restaurants, breakout, showroom and meeting areas all join together. Ideal for both employees and visitors to experience the Fagerhult approach to lighting.


Previously used for incoming goods and storage of components, the new office space has been completely refurbished to fit the daily activities of the R&D department. As design engineering isn’t just theoretical work with CAD, there are also areas for evaluation, experimenting etc in the closely connected prototype workshop. The design style is contemporary Scandinavian with use of white oiled pine plywood and walls painted white together with colours from natures palette on fabrics.


One of the key focuses was to maximise the large ceiling heights, perfect for creating the desired bright, welcoming space. A run of acoustic panels, with Notor 78 installed to replace every forth one, provides an ideal mix of noise reduction and functional working light, combining with the exposed services for an industrial aesthetic aligned with its manufacturing surrounds.

This linear arrangement is broken up with a series of Sweep luminaires in different colours installed as a ‘art piece’ and some boldly finished Terso pendants complimenting it’s circular form.

In areas with lower ceiling heights, Clarico ensures there is still ambient light on the ceilings and walls. The walls are lit with various luminaires, some standard, some special made for the space.

Three large windows, from floor to ceiling, have been installed to let in as much daylight as possible together with a horizontal row of windows facing north.

The result? Look at the pictures and decide yourself.


Notor 78

Ripustettava työpistevalaisin, jonka valonjako on suora/epäsuora. Voidaan asentaa joko yksittäin tai järjestelmäksi. Delta-mikroprisma tuottaa tehokasta ja luonnollista valaistusta.


Moderni valaisin, joka on suunniteltu erityisesti aktiiviseen toimintaan perustuviin toimistoihin. Valaisimissa suora/epäsuora valonjako. Häikäisysuojavaihtoehtoina Delta-mikroprisma tai Opal. Viisi eri värivaihtoehtoa.

Clarico Up

Alakattoon upotettava valaisin. Claricon led-ratkaisu perustuu opaalipinnan ja mikroprisman yhdistelmään, joka heijastaa valoa sekä vaaka- että pystysuuntaan ja luo näin tilaan runsaasti ympäröivää valoa.