Circl, the Circular Pavilion of ABN AMRO

Finding our way towards circularity

In Amsterdam, ABN AMRO built Circl, a pavilion where it can share all the knowledge it has gained about circularity. Circl is also a living lab - a place where anyone and everyone with good ideas about sustainability and circularity can find the space they need. They were looking for a partner to help with sustainable lighting. They reached out to Fagerhult.


To achieve their purpose for Circl, the building had to be designed and constructed according to sustainable and circular principles. Regarding lighting, their thoughts were that the best environmental benefits would be gained by using direct current (DC). Every luminaire must be individually adjustable, exchangeable and readable.


Crystal Clear, Fagerhult’s sustainability programme, was a good starting point. The production at the plant Habo (Sweden) is very environmentally friendly. Renewable energy is used, electricity from hydroelectric power and the plant is heated with chips from forest waste. In most cases aluminium produced in Sweden is used with electricity from Nordic Energy mix.

A lot of energy can be saved with a modern lighting control system, like for instance e-Sense Organic.  The system adapts itself by adjusting the light level to the amount of daylight and the activities in the room. If no one is present, the lighting simply switches off.

For every luminaire, Fagerhult delivered a Material Passport, sets of data describing defined characteristics of materials in products that give them value for recovery and reuse. Fagerhult delivered not 350 but 250 VDC fixture voltage as requested.

Fagerhult is very proud to have worked on this very interesting and challenging project.