Finding identity in harmony and contrasts

Inspired by two words; harmony and contrasts, a creative collaboration between the fashion brand Vivikes and Fagerhult produced a radical change of the Vivikes identity and two stores in Oslo received a new warm and calm make-over.


The development of the new Vivikes shop concept was just like completing a puzzle. By sketching the right personality for each store, in regards to both the interior and lighting, all the pieces fell into place, creating a fantastic shopping experience for the modern woman.

Warmer colour and contrasts

– We felt there was a need for a change, something drastic to renew ourselves. Just as fashions change during seasons we want our stores to follow trends in a flexible way. So we made a U-turn, the old white and clean interior were replaced with a completely new personalised concept of warmer colours and contrasts, says Anne Gro Fjeldheim, Creative Director and Buying Manager at Vivikes, that is a part of the Norwegian Varner Group.

Vivikes is one of Norway’s leading fashion chains, focusing on making the modern woman look fabulous. They have 67 shops throughout the country and two of them situated in Oslo became targets for the new look.

Inspirational collaborations

The inspirational process is very important for the project group at Vivikes when they develop new concepts. They contacted Fagerhult's Key Account Manager Kristian Renström to contribute with lighting ideas at the early stage of the project.

– Vivikes is really a partner that values quality and they see the importance of lighting. At the beginning we began with a blank paper and focused on creating puzzle pieces of identity carriers that we added together to create the right atmosphere. In Vivikes case it became all about harmony and contrasts, says Kristian. 

Fagerhult and Vivikes worked closely together over a three month period, creating and trying ideas together, from first thoughts to the finished concept.

– We enjoyed working with Fagerhult. They were a good creative lighting partner and came with many ideas and functioned as a good sparring partner during the process, says Anne Gro.


Light gives the atmosphere

The two stores in Oslo are now furnished with a warmer interior, copper elements, big crystal crowns, LED-lines, and a lot of personalised interior, like photo frames, neon signs and a special made V that attracts the visitors from outside.

Fagerhult usually approaches a project in two parts; the important functional lighting, such as contrasts and adequate general lighting. And the identity, how lighting can enhance the brand’s character.

– Vivikes new concept became a great combination of both, says Kristian.
– We are really pleased with the result, especially the lighting that plays an important role in creating the atmosphere. The stores have a warmer cosier feel but with the accent light you really get adequate illumination over the clothes. It became very successful. The atmosphere encourages you to stay and walk around in the store, says Anne Gro.

The accent light was provided by a track mounted Marathon* spotlight equipped with LED. Supplied in a black finish, its discrete design blended seamlessly into the black ceiling taking away none of the focus from the interior.

An equally subtle integrated light solution, Diva II, was used to give dimension to the shelves, illuminating the clothing underneath and adding depth to the store by lighting up the walls.

The light agency and lighting department team at Fagerhult also created a special LED-framed cage placed in the middle of the store to define the shapes of the interior.

The all-important dressing rooms also got a special made solution where a tiny little LED strip with good CRI was integrated behind the mirrors to create a smooth ambient vertical light on the observer.

– These are the features that make the difference. The contrast is created by the mix of integrated discrete lighting and really eye catching solutions with a design element that enhance the interior. We used the spotlights to create interest and curiosity around the store, says Kristian.

Pieces of jewellery

One of the most central element in the store is the crystal chandelier that adds a distinct touch of glamour as a centrepiece of jewellery.

– These features add identity. Vivikes want to be flexible and add personality to each store and by adding just a few features you can create the personality and still find a cohesive brand, Kristian says. 

Some of the characteristic pieces will now be brought into Vivikes next project.

– Our new concept resulted a great change and at the same time it was very cost effective. We are now heading for the next project and will continue to think further, looking for inspiration and finding exciting solutions in the future, Anne Gro concludes. 




Kristian Renström

Key Account Manager, Retail

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