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Running in the light of LED

To exercise gives us energy and makes us feel better, both physically and mentally. But walking or running in the dark can be really scary for most of us. The sense of security is affected by darkness and therefore it is important that parks and recreation areas are illuminated in the best possible way. This, together with the possibility of saving energy led Hovslätts IK to replace the old luminaires along their jogging trail with Evolume 1 from Fagerhult.


Hovslätts IK, a sports club in Jönköping founded in 1929, decided to replace the fittings along its 2.3 km jogging trail. The previous fittings consisted of 85 luminaries with mercury light sources, which nowadays are banned according to law.

Reliable product with excellent lighting performance

The sports club wanted not only a LED luminaire with excellent lighting performance but a reliable product that could help them lower the energy consumption, especially during the winter. Fagerhult provided Evolume 1 - our newest addition to our range of super-efficient post top luminaires.

Evolume 1 will help Hovslätts IK to create a feeling of safety along the jogging trail, since the luminaires are spreading its light not only along the trail but also in the immediate surroundings.

The luminaires has just been installed but we have already had a lot of postive reactions from our visitors, says Herbert Kruspel, Hovslätts IK.

So, no more excuses for skipping your daily exercise - at least not if you live in the area around Hovslätt in Jönköping!


Evolume 1 is the first product in a new family of energy-efficient LED luminaires for streets and roads. We have combined the excellent qualities of light from our AGC lenses with a modern design that fits in any environment.

Cost-effective solution

Evolume 1 is a cost-effective solution and can with the aid of light controls reduce the energy consumption by up to 80 percent - compared to traditional lighting installations. With Evolume 1 you get great light performance, long life and low energy consumption - at a low investment cost. 

The new LED luminaires are 100 W less than the old fittings and we hope to save a lot of energy thanks to them, says Herbert Kruspel.


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