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De Hoogstraat Rehabilitation Centre

Fresh, modern, new and open atmosphere

The old rehabilitation centre was dark, uninviting and old fashioned. De Hoogstraat wanted to turn that around into an open, fresh and colorful centre where patients, staff and visitors would feel very comfortable and welcome. Daylight would play an important role.


In 2008, Fagerhult successfully finished its project at the new Hoogstraat Orthopaedic Technology Centre. Since 2011, there were concrete plans for the complete renovation of the rehabilitation centre. Fagerhult was immediately involved in the discussions regarding the complete new lighting installation. 


The most important decision was to use indirect lighting, as most visitors in de Hoogstraat are lying in beds or moving in wheelchairs. These indirect luminaires were mostly integrated in the patient residences/rooms. All luminaires are very user friendly and can easily be controlled. In the corridors, high light levels were created by using 300 lux luminaires, which can be regulated and programmed to mimic daylight at any time. This immediately gave a fresh and open impression.

During the project, de Hoogstraat wanted to add a fun element to the Youth and Child section. A road was designed through the different corridors and Fagerhult was involved to install light accordingly, following the traffic lines. This gives a very dynamic and playful impression. Fagerhult was also responsible for the emergency lighting in the whole building.

Last but not least, Fagerhult was asked to lighten the showpiece of the hospital, the kiss and ride canopy. It is now lit from the ground and it gives a very welcome and safe impression.

"The result is amazing. Old rehabilitants hardly recognized their old centre. The dark and sad building made place for a fresh, modern, new and open atmosphere", states Jade ten Seldam, nurse, in an exclusive Hoogstraat video.

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