Visual conditions

The seven basic concepts

Light and darkness, contrasts, are what make us perceive the room. It shapes how we experience a place, and what feelings we have for it. The same room, in two different lighting settings, can be perceived and experienced quite differently.

How we perceive the light in a room can be described by seven basic concepts of lighting (listed below), that characterize the parts of the visual impressions that we can observe and describe. It is possible to train one's ability to see and utilize the visual conditions, and how they interact with the physical conditions in a room.


Light level

- how bright or dark it is in the room.

Light distribution

- where it is darker and lighter in the room.


- how they fall and their character.


- where the light source is and how noticeable it is.


- where they are and their character.

Light colour

- how the colour of light is perceived.

Surface colour

- if it looks natural or distorted.


Explore the concepts at Euroshop 2020

In our stand at Euroshop, the different basic concepts will be visualized in a modern and creative environment. Experience how the different light settings gives different effects, and impacts, on how we perceive a room or an object. 

You can meet us 16–20.2 2020, HALL 9 A44

Welcome to explore lighting with us!