Light in a box

One of the reasons why lighting is such a complicated art form is because not everything can be lit the same way. If you wish to have a similar overall look, you have to take several things into account. What kind of surface your subject is and what type of light source you use – those are both things that highly effects the outcome of your lighting.

Visualizing inside the box

To exemplify this, Fagerhult built a small light box, handy to bring out on a workshop. In the box you find small squares, to fit on the different “walls” of the box – and two flashlights with different colour temperatures. All to better visualize the impact of right light at the right place.

For Euroshop, we went big and produced a physical walk-in-light-box. Here you can experience and feel the difference of light on different surfaces, while standing in the room. We would love it if you would explore the light-in-box-experience at our stand, 16–20.2 2020, HALL 9 A44 together with us. Welcome!

For us lighting is so much more than just luminaires

We love light. We are the happiest when we can offer our customers guidance and advice on how their lighting solution can complement, or strengthen, the brand’s personality. Both the lighting design and the design of the luminaire can strongly enhance the retailer’s brand values. Let’s build brand together.