e-Sense Organic

e-Sense Organic G3

Plug and play

e-Sense Organic is a wireless Plug-and-Play system developed primarily for workplaces and University buildings. The sensors are integrated into the luminaire, which just needs connecting to the mains for the system to start running. You can easily adapt and activate a range of additional lighting control settings using the app.

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e-Sense Organic

An intuitive solution for energy-efficient spaces



Remotely monitor spaces

The web-based e-Sense Organic Portal enables you access insight into the energy performance of your installation for a day, a week or even specific zones, to help you optimise the efficiency of a building. Receive fault notifications via email and conduct functional and durational emergency testing direct via the online Portal.

Monitoring occupancy, the detail heat mapping function facilities informed space optimisation, enabling improved productivity in addition to managing energy consumption from a single, secure system.

e-Sense Organic

Factoring the future into planning