Complete luminaire line for lighting projects

Dwide is a complete product family that meets the requirements of all lighting projects – no matter if it is for an office, school or hospital. Recessed, ceiling-mounted and suspended luminaires with varying light distribution patterns are complemented by smart corner and wall luminaires. For buyers with requirements for affordability as well as superior aesthetics and lighting ergonomics, Dwide is the obvious choice.


Dwide – Lighting comfort in two steps

Dwide contains unique anti-glare technology with dual optics. The microprismatic louvre can be supplemented with a light divider that reflects light a second time and smooths out the contrasts in the luminaire. The result is comfortable lighting that creates a sense of space and meets the lighting requirements for offices and schools.

Dwide Horizontal

An entirely unique character

The divider is the design element that gives Dwide its unique character and links all the luminaire models through a uniform design language. The design is most clearly viewed when the luminaire is seen directly from below, with the luminaire housing's angled sides form an exciting transition to the gable and divider.


Lighting control that meets all needs

Dwide was developed with the focus on presence and daylight control, and is available with a wide range of options – from simpler controls such as e-Sense Bright Switch and e-Sense Active to e-Sense Move for transit areas and Organic Response for intuitively controlled office and work environments.

Efficient installation

Dwide has been developed for quick and easy installation with generous, easily accessible openings and terminals. The ceiling luminaires feature open installation with attachment of the rear section first for connection of wiring. The lighting package is mounted inside the frame for easy final assembly.

Push Dim

A uniform impression with Push Dim

With our Push Dim solution, you can adjust the lighting over your workstation to suit you, your work tasks and your needs. All with the touch of a button. This innovation replaces the previous pull cord that had a similar function for lighting control. But instead of tangled cords, which are either usually tied up or left to hang in the field of view, this solution creates a neater aesthetic. In larger rooms, the perception of the office environment becomes more uniform.  

Lighting for sustainable
construction projects.

Dwide is a good choice for projects with a focus on sustainability or declared certification goals. The luminaires have low environmental impact throughout their life cycles and help to keep down overall energy consumption for the building. The ergonomic light provides a sustainable working environment where people feel good and perform better.


Are you ready for BIM?

Dwide is naturally available as BIM objects. With BIM – Building Information Models – you take an effective holistic approach to your construction project. BIM is a strong global trend, and in the UK, BIM is already a must in public procurements. Magnus Karlsson, business developer at market-leading Bim Object, and Christoffer Sundberg at White Architects, explain how you can work with BIM in your project.

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Dwide’s lighting solution, where the combination of microprismatic diffusers and acrylic reflectors interacts to create ideal lighting for today's workplaces, with the focus on communication and feeling for the room.



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