Light in a patient's room

Many hospitals have discovered that the healing process can be promoted through an environment that supports the patient and the healing process – both psychologically and physiologically. With the right atmosphere and the right lighting, a hospital can meet the varying needs of patients and staff.

Coloured light and light that changes colour is particularly good for making patients feel positive. Together with a welcoming atmosphere, it helps to make the environment less clinical and more homely for patients and visitors. Well-designed lighting means that patients and staff feel better and that treatments are performed better and more efficiently.

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Light promotes health during periods of care

Light is important for all of us – visually, biologically and emotionally. Despite all the research and knowledge, the significance of light is often underestimated. Apart from its central role in vision itself, light is important for many physiological and psychological processes; it can improve concentration and affect our mood and biological functions. 

In healthcare, light is especially important. Optimal use of natural and artificial light can be vital since light has a direct impact on the health of patients and staff.

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Solutions for health & care

For both patients and staff, this function is an essential requirement. Well-designed lighting helps ensure more accurate diagnoses and better treatment, and is also conducive to an environment where patients are able to relax and feel at ease with their ...

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Lighting control in hospitals

A hospital is like its own small community. Depending on the room or area’s function, you have several options to choose from when it comes to light control. In certain areas, you can choose between various e-Sense systems without the need for complex programming, while other areas require more flexibility. With a Dali control that can be programmed then and there, most requirements can be satisfied both in terms of energy efficiency and flexibility with various scenes as regards light levels and colour temperature (Tunable White). Various types of panels are used to select the various pre-set scenes in the various areas.

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Amber – light in the orange-red spectrum

Amber is a relatively new concept in the lighting world. Since the discovery of light’s biological effects on people, we have established that high levels of cold light activate us and low levels of warm light calm us.

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Miljöcertifieringar BREEAM och LEED

BREEAM och LEED är de två stora miljöcertifieringssystem som används i världen idag. I både BREEAM och LEED kan olika typer av projekt bedömas och det finns olika system som används till olika byggnadstyper.

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