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Scandinavian Heritage

When months pass, day and night change place and shape. Days of uninterrupted light and days of constant darkness.

The Nordic relationship with light is unique, where we adapt, develop and take care of the light. With a Scandinavian approach and innovative perspective, we create luminaires where form and function complement each other. But the light is always in focus, our culture is characterized by it.


Light, Design and Pendants

One simple question. If you only had one light fitting how would you light a room? Taking it back to its most fundamental level. Two Fagerhult light advisers provide their insight into lighting with pendants. 

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Light – the basis of design

There is unforgettable design that goes on long after our time and design which slowly fade away. There are oval shapes, straight shapes, round shapes. Design is a universal language without end and within the form of expression there is something that speaks to all of us. The time when the options were few and gray is over. All our luminaires are defined by their high quality along with their form. The roads are many but all lead to sustainable design with good light quality.

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The impact of light on human well-being has not changed throughout history, always playing a crucial role in our everyday lives. Natural light is the inspiration of the process of forming a pendant luminaire. The direct and indirect light splits the responsibility of creating the perfect light image. The indirect light gives us a biological well-being, while the direct light meets the needs of the individual. The direct light gives us the prerequisites, the indirect gives us the necessary.

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Industrial chic

Industrial chic, and rugged pendant lighting in particular, has been a part of the interior designer’s palette for longer than many of us might imagine. It now has a role in improving life and work in the office. Read more on the heritage of the Industrial Design style in our latest Innovator article.


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Play with Notor

Defined by a minimalist style that houses so many possibilities, Notor’s flexibility has helped keep it relevant for over 15 years. The technology has changed by the concept remains- see how you can play with Notor in our innovator article.

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Compare our pendant luminaires

Controls, distributions, finishes and optics, compare your different options with an at-a-glance pendant features overview.

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