e-Sense Motion

e-Sense Motion is a wireless lighting control solution for exterior environments. The system is both open and scalable; you can easily add extra luminaires, optimise an existing installation or upgrade to Connected Solution at any time.

Based on occupancy alone there are often long period of time when there is no need for fully lit pedestrian and bike paths, streets and other outdoor areas late in the evening or during the night. But when someone enters the area, a completely unlit space can appear threatening or unsettling. With e-Sense Motion, you can have the best of both worlds: reduced energy consumption and reactive spaces which provide a much-needed sense of security.

How e-Sense Motion works

e-Sense Motion is an energy-efficient control system which can be programmed to illuminate according to need. The luminaires automatically dim when no one is present. When presence is detected, a predetermined number of luminaires brighten to a pre-programmed level, e.g.
100 %. And they remain illuminated behind you for a pre-set time-period.

Linked Solution

The foundation of the e-Sense Motion system that reacts to presence and permits the communication between more than one luminaire. Ideal for foot and bike paths, illuminated trails or suburban streets.

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Connected Solution

Connected Solution includes everything in the Linked Solution, but allows you to log into a website using the installation's unique password in order to check energy consumption and various measured values 

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Presence detection

Control via app

Wireless communication

Remote control



Cycle paths







Jogging trail



App for easy installation

The system is easily programmed using an app and Bluetooth dongle at the lighting installation. A duplex communication system, all luminaires act as both a master and slave and control and communicate with each other. After the initial programming, all you'll need to do is connect to one luminaire in order to reach all of them.

Each installation is issued a unique identity and password which you enter when connecting. A clear overview of all the illumination points allows you to decide on how many luminaires should illuminate when someone is present, for how long, and to which illumination level they should be dimmed. You can customise the settings according to traffic conditions, or you can select from the pre-set lighting scenes.

The app is designed for smart phones or tablets running Android and can be downloaded from Google Play.

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With smart phone or tablet and the e-Sense Motion app. 


The post top luminaires have integrated PIR sensors for presence control and the luminaires communicate with one another via a radio protocol.

On pole unit

Via a remote sensor box any DALI luminaire can be optimised, so you can up-grade an existing installation even those using luminaires from a different manufacturer.

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