What is Double Dynamic Lighting?

Double Dynamic Lighting (DDL) is a new lighting design concept for dynamic indoor lighting. It is used in indoor environments such as offices, schools and hospital environments. In short, you adjust the electrical lighting in real time so that it complements daylight. This is to be able to create more motivating and active environments.

Man is a biological being and is greatly affected by light, both its presence and its absence. The biological factor in lighting is well known and recognised since before (read more about HCL). However, in this aspect of lighting design, research focuses on the psychological experience of lighting. How does lighting make us feel? Is it possible to raise people's mood and well-being only with dynamic lighting?

In a research project at Aalborg University, studies were carried out where the participants experienced this dynamic lighting for a longer period. The aim was to investigate how a combination of daylight and smart dynamic lighting could contribute to better health and experienced well-being. The participants in the study stated that the dynamic lighting made the perceived atmosphere more comfortable. They also experienced positive effects in their motivation, concentration and workflow.

The results within DDL are a great help in the planning of future creative workplaces, including schools or health-promoting care environments. To include the activities in the premises already in the planning stage, is an investment that provides a return for a long time. By using lighting as a tool to increase the quality for the people staying there, is a huge benefit.