Presence control for reactive spaces

While lighting controls in outdoor environments isn’t new, presence control is relatively untested. Based upon occupancy alone, there are long periods of the night when certain areas don’t need to be lit. But, entering a dark area reduces both safety and the sense of security. e-Sense motion was developed with this very much in mind. The system reacts to what is happening around it, offering energy savings without impacting on safety or security.

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The right light

e-Sense Motion is an energy-efficient control system which can be programmed to illuminate according to need. The fixtures automatically dim’s when no one is present. When presence is detected, a predetermined number of fixtures brighten to pre-programmed levels, e.g. 100 %. And they remain illuminated behind you for a pre-set period. Both the illumination level and pre-set time between detection and dimming are adjustable.

Connectivity made easy

Being a wireless system e-Sense motion circumnavigates many issues faced when adding controls as there is no need for any additional wiring connecting the luminaires. The system is easily programmed using an app and Bluetooth dongle at the lighting installation. Each installation is password protected. An intuitive interface makes it easy to define how the lighting should react to both presence and when no occupancy is detected.

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Linked Solution

The system is available in two variations of connectivity. The Linked option facilities the presence detecting functionality to be wirelessly communication between two or more luminaires. 

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Connected Solution

The Connected system offers all the same operational benefits but with remote access via a secure cloud based server where you can check energy check energy consumption and various measured values via a password protected website. 

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Complete flexibility

e-Sense Motion is a completely flexible solution. Via a remote sensor box any DALI luminaire can be optimised, so you can up-grade an existing installation even those using luminaires from a different manufacturer. From a single luminaire upwards you can incrementally expand the system at a pace that suits you and your project needs. Equally if you want to up-grade to a Connected system you can at any given point.


Presence detection

Automatic dimming and brightening. Adjustable illumination level and pre-set time between detection and dimming.


Wireless communication

Existing installations do not need to be reconstructed as new lighting will be supplied.


Control via app

Programming and control via a smartphone or tablet. Each installation has a unique identity and password.


Remote control

Control and monitor the installation via a website. Access to a cloud service for increased operational efficacy and reduced maintenance expenses.