Supermarkets and grocery shops

A well-planned lighting installation in supermarkets not only decreases energy consumption, it can also create great atmospheres, guide the shoppers and highlight products and portrait the groceries in a favourable way. After all, shopping for groceries is all about engaging the senses and here the lighting can definitely add that extra spice to the setting.

A store has different areas of importance. Identify these and consider the main areas so that they are provided with sufficient light. Give more thought to the large gondolas with highlighted merchandise. By illuminating these areas with for example spotlights you create interest in the store.

In large aisles the light on the floor is not as important as the light on the shelves and the merchandise. 

Lighting also navigates and guides the customer in the store. It could be by enhancing different areas with spotlights, using light controls such as presence detectors or by working creatively with colour temperature.

Mounting options and ceiling heights

Track mounted, recessed or surface mounted; there are a variety of installation options. Consider the ceiling height in the store and choose luminaires and installation height so that the merchandise and interior gets sufficient light.

We have spotlights that can be used in supermarkets with high ceilings where a truly effective spotlight is required. In high ceiling, the tracks where the general and accent lighting is installed, do not have to be suspended any lower than 4–4.5 metres. This will make sure that the groceries, not the lighting installation, will get the attention of the shopper.

Colour temperature

The temperature of light is a main key to the feeling of the store, a warmer light can give a more homely feel, though also give the impression of a store offering good deals on the merchandise. Colder light can on the other hand give a more fresh or luxurious feel.

The choice depends on which expression you want to give but a combination of colour temperatures can create a more dynamic and interesting store. Tuneable luminaires also offers the flexibility to change the colour temperature after the merchandise on display.


Larger supermarkets often have a very extensive bread section with several displays of both newly baked as well as pre-made breads. Nevertheless you don’t want to get the impression of unbaked bread, you want a crisp, golden and fresh one. This is partly achieved by the baker of course – but also by the lighting.

To accentuate the bread it is possible to use spotlights combined with general lighting. It also enables you to lower the general light. To really boost the freshness and the warm yellow tones, we recommend luminaires with suitable LED Glow modules, carefully chosen for this type of applications. Or a spotlight with a warmer colour temperature of 2700 K.

Accentuated light gives a dynamic store. By using spotlights you can create interest in different merchandise on displays and gondolas to create eye-catching spaces to which customers are drawn. We offer a large range of spotlights for different kind of merchandise, for example light adjusted to specific merchendase and tuneable luminaires in which you can change colour temperature after displayed items and seasons.


In large aisles integrated lighting makes a true difference. Combine the general light with integrated lighting that enables you to lower the general light and also give a sense of space. A store has many shelves, which creates different rooms and aisles. By illuminating the vertical spaces something happens to the overall impression and the sense of the place. The items will be illuminated in a better way and the merchandise get good visibility and the aisles feel more welcoming.


This area should have a fresh look. Here it is beneficial to work with focused light and contrasts. Lower the general light and add specially developed luminaires for these products. The look of the meat, fish, cheese and deli is affected by the quality of light. There is no need of coloured filters; we have luminaires with Rich and Glow functions, specially developed with the right light spectrum for exactly these areas. Mix with regular spotlights and get a fresh environment.

There are many functions in our integrated luminaires and spotlights with different ceiling options. Install a spotlight in obliquely from above. In a lowered ceiling, which is common at these areas, you can install a recessed luminaire and combine with a pendant luminaire to further accent the area.

Rich is equipped with a LED module that is strong in the blue, red and white spectrum. This fact makes it suitable for illuminating fish counters that stage both red fish and seafood, such as salmon and shrimps, but also ice and silver skinned fish types and meat section which makes the meat tendons shown in an appetizing way.

Glow is tailor-made for the bread and cheese section and is equipped with a LED module that is specifically selected and tested for illuminating such foods. The spectral curve is strong in the warm coloured spectrum, which bring out the warm tones in these groceries.


Accent light is beneficial in this area, lower the general lighting and add spotlights or recessed spotlights in the ceiling. This is an area where the ceiling height can be lowered which enables you to work more with the atmosphere. If it is height ceiling, choose a spotlight with good light output.

Choose spotlights and mix them with luminaires with a Glow function. They are tailor-made for the fruit and vegetable section and are equipped with a LED module that is specifically selected and tested for illuminating such foods. It is strong in the warm coloured spectrum that makes it suitable to illuminate fruit and vegetables as well as giving flowers a fresh look.

Another option is to use a spotlight with a warmer light temperature of 2700 K. Or use a tunable version in which you can change the colour temperature after colour of the displayed items.


This is the place where the first impression is made. Create a welcoming atmosphere and use lighting to enhance the architecture. Evoke feelings by night by using coloured light in a creative way. Or why not use lighting control to create a dynamic impression.

Enhance the structure in the facade and use lighting as a way to navigate to the entrance. When entering inside, use lighting to make a statement and take advantage of the big open space by adding pendants or light lines in different imaginative patterns. Signs and advertisement can also be highlighted with spotlights.


This is not only a place where to pay your merchandise it is also a workspace for the staff, a place where they sit many hours of the day. Add good lighting comfort and work lighting over the checkout. It is important to have sufficient lighting both on the floor and the cash band to create a satisfying environment.

Use eye-catching pendant luminaires to highlight and navigate to the cashier desk. This is a perfect area to inspire and make the customers spontaneously buy chewing gum, sweets or magazines. The lighting should be just as well planned as the display setups around these areas. Enhance and highlight theses products and the special offers that are the last once the customer sees before leaving the store.


All the signs, price tags and graphics are decorative elements as well as important for the store. Use accent lighting together with general lighting with iTrack Line LED and Multilume Function LED to highlight the advertisement.

Illuminate focus areas like you will illuminate a display window, like a room within the room. With track mounted spotlights and tuneable lighting you can change the lighting after the season. The iTrack system, a track mounted solution, makes flexible lighting possible in a store.


In dairy areas and places where refrigerators and freezers are installed it is beneficial to have a colder light, about 4000 K. It applies to the senses that the area is cold enough, so that there are no feelings of the merchandise to melt. For this area we can offer integrated lighting and lighting for refrigerators and freezers through partners.



Sparkling waters should appear crisp and cool whilst juices, rich and full. Once again the light source itself is important in making this happen. Also the bottles are often placed close to each other on deep shelves.

In such shelves LED sticks can be conveniently integrated for a smooth enhancing light that makes the bottles stand out. In the more exclusive drink sections it can be flattering to use accentuating spotlights to create more dynamics and exclusivity.

The Rich luminaires from Fagerhult is equipped with a LED module that is strong in the blue, white and red spectrum. See picture below. This fact makes it suitable for illuminating beverages making them look fresh.


This is an area where functional lighting is of most importance. This area also enables you to lower the light output throughout the entire day. Work with light controls to set scenes over the day or use presence detectors to increase lighting when someone enters the area. This can give energy savings to the project.