Comforting atmosphere

The light in a shopping centre should create a comforting atmosphere. This environment needs to support both the needs of costumers as well as support the experience of the architecture; the lighting should not take too much attention away from the shops. Use lighting to enhance shapes and architecture. Gently illuminate vertical surfaces to guide the customer. Read more about how to illuminate different areas in the shopping centre by clicking on the tabs below.

Attract, impress and welcome! There is no need to change the expression of the building and architecture. Follow the same theme as the shopping centre. If the light clashes with the architecture it can seem distorting.

Make sure that the entrance is clearly marked. This could be done with light as an effect, for example with a luminous surface luminaire. It can also just be enhanced with light, like a well-illuminated sign or coloured light.

Directly aimed light has a dramatic characteristic and will create an impression of contrast. Soft light from big surfaces creates a smooth illumination with gradient shadows.


In food courts and general areas where people stay for a longer period of time, it is important to illuminate comfortably. The light should feel natural, but still enhance the surroundings.

The visitors need to get a proper understanding of the surroundings to feel comfortable and enjoy their stay. Vertical surfaces are good to illuminate to create an understanding of the room and its dimensions.


This is an area for transport between different areas and the lighting should not compete with the shops. At the same time the communication areas should help customers to see the walkway clearly, to interact with other people and to help them to interpret their surroundings.

To give these areas more life, use a track mounted spotlight. That kind of luminaire will give some contrast to the area and it will appear more pleasant and comfortable.