Cafes and restaurants

In these areas there is a possibility to create atmosphere and identity with the interior but also with the lighting. There is more room for creativity and opportunities in these areas to make a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere.

This is a place for comfort, a space where you should feel like home. Create a unique atmosphere that make you enter another world and sit down and relax and have a coffee or eat a delicious meal. The lighting  should enhance the experience. Work a lot with identifying elements such as unique pendants, general light and accent light with spotlights.

You can also create compleately custome made solution with Fagerhult's On Demand Design.


The cashier desk area is an important communicative place in a cafes and restaurants. There are also a need of different kind of lighting such as illuminating displays, the wall behind the cashier, screens, logos, prices, shop stand, fridge and refrigerator.

Lift the details with lighting and illuminate properly what is on display with accent lighting or light adjusted to different merchandises such as pastries and bread. Adjust lighting after what is on display, use tunable white luminaires that can adjust the relative intensities of the warm and cool LEDs it changes colour temperature with one and the same luminaire.


Behind the scenes the lighting should be functional and give a sufficient light. Use efficient luminaires suitable for kitchens that tolerates damp and stress. An efficient way is to use presence detectors to increase lighting when someone enters the area and to lower it when no one is around.