Degree of protection (IP-classes)

Luminaires are given an IP-classification. The IP-classification consists of a two digit code that describes the degree of protection against solid objects as well as moisture and water. Standard luminaires will have an IP classification of IP 20 or higher.

The table below describes respective IP-classifications. The IP-class is stated in plain text on the luminaire’s label. Symbols as set out below can also be used in combination with the text. Note that IP 20 luminaires do not need to be marked. IP is an abbreviation of Ingress Protection.

Design according to first number
Design according to the second number
  Unprotected Drip proof Rain proof Splash proof Jet proof Water-tight Submersible
Unprotected IP 00 IP 01          
Protected IP 10 IP 11 IP 13        
Protected IP 20 IP 21 IP 23        
Protected IP 40 IP 41 IP 43 IP 44 IP 45    
Dust-proof       IP 54 IP 55    
Dust-proof         IP 65 IP 67 IP 68