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Luleå House of Science

Modern version of a classic chandelier

Fagerhult created a modern version of a classical chandelier at Luleå House of Science, that is a part of Luleå Technical University in Sweden. The custom made circular luminaire with a brass structure provides a functional yet fascinating centerpiece of the building, which hosts various events in science, education and art.


The building, designed by architect Lars-Erik Lallerstedt, was originally used by the postal service. Since it’s opening in 1953 it has undergone various incarnations and renovations and currently houses the activities of Luleå Technical University.  


The chandelier in the main hall is both an impressive piece of art and a functional lighting solution. The challenge when creating it was to provide a general light, suited for all different activities that will take place in the hall, while incorporating an element of indirect light to enhance the dome structure.

Flexible lighting for a flexible event space

To create a flexible event space a customised configuration of Global trac was developed, following the contours of the chandelier. Equipped with Marathon LED spotlight it also provides additional accent lighting.

A scene setting control system is incorporated in the lighting solution and allows the user to define their lit environment while benefitting from the efficiency of LED.

Fagerhult’s straight and discrete luminaire Notor LED with DALI surrounds the hall and enhances and provides an ambient light on the walls.

Conference room and dining areas

The conference room is equipped with the recessed LED-luminaire Multilume Flat with DALI and together with the spotlights Marathon Midi LED it offers a flexible controlled solution for the area. The dining area is equipped with Fagerhult’s popular downlight Pleiad G3 with DALI and a grey cover plate.

A combination addressed the needs

Through close corporation between the client and Fagerhult the varying challenges of the project where met via combination of bespoke and standard solutions addressing both the functional and aesthetic needs.

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