Kampsax Kollegiet : Denmark

Kampsax Kollegiet

Lunova at the Danish Technical University

Kampsax Kollegiet is a dormitory on campus just by the Danish Technical University (DTU) in Copenhagen. The inner courtyard was badly illuminated and when the old luminaires were replaced, our Lunova was installed with great result.


Kampsax Kollegiet is the largest of the dormitories managed by the Polytechnic College Company. The dormitory was built in 1969-70 and consists of 521 single rooms. It's located at the Danish Technical University campus. In October 2014 the existing post top luminaires were replaced on the inner courtyards. The old ones were glass globes on 2 m posts and were not robust enough.

A green area with walking paths needed to be illuminated so that the students could feel safe during the dark hours. Since the old luminaires were easy to vandalize, they were often out of order. Lunova is an energy-efficient and impact resitent luminaire and was chosen because of the design and the good light performance. To be able to make it harder to vandalize the new luminaires we also delivered an additional galvanized pipe installed in the exisiting posts so that the post height were extended to 3 m.

Lunova provides a really nice light and atmosphere and the users a very happy with the new installation, says Jimmy Hammerlund, sales representative at Fagerhult.


Combining exceptional visual comfort and a classic design with cost-effectiveness, Lunova is the perfect choice when it comes to omnidirectional post luminaires for park and close-to-the-building environments.

For this project Lunova with night-dimming was used. Night-dimming makes it possible to save large amount of energy without switching off, which can make people feel unsafe

With lighting control, major energy savings can be made without switching off the light completely and create a sense of insecurity.

We delivered Lunova with night-time dimming for this project. It's a great way to save energy without compromising with the sense of insecurity for the people passing by, says Jimmy Hammerlund.

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