Jeroen Bosch Hospital : The Netherlands

Jeroen Bosch Hospital

28 000 luminaires to Dutch hospital

As from April 2011 28 000 luminaires from Fagerhult illuminates one of the biggest hospitals in the Netherlands.


Jeroen Bosch hospital is a newly build care centre that replaced the three old hospitals in the region. The new construction has amongst others better logistic, flexible rooms and improved orientation.

28 000 luminaires installed

To illuminate a whole hospital of 170 000 square meters takes time, knowledge, collaboration and a lot of planning. Fagerhult were chosen from several manufactures thanks to our competence and knowledge about light.

When the hospital was completed in April 2011 the large amount of 28 000 Fagerhult luminaires were installed.


A light plan was made over the whole hospital together with the installer before installation. And the products Multilume Hydro, Pleiad, Recesso and several custom made solutions were chosen. Several DIALux and energy calculations were made with the focus on environmental savings.

Hygiene requirements and effective light

Hospitals have stringent hygiene requirements on lighting it should be highly effective to work in. Multilume Hydro, the luminaire chosen for this hospital, was developed to address these needs. Multilume Hydro does not only provide professional work light, it also simplifies maintenance and is easy to service and clean.

Patterns of light

The hospital also has creative installations of the luminaires in the lobby, which gives an interesting pattern of light in the ceiling for the visitors.

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